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The adventure of driving on Mauritius in a rental car

Landscapes full of sugar canes, towns full of life and narrow roads is what lies lead by Mauritius in a rental car . Although bring the car to the left adds a point to stress the driver free to tour the island enjoying a beautiful natural environment is sufficient justification for venturing to take the car in the chaotic Mauritius . We leave our driving by Mauricio experience and review of the car rental company Pingouin Car Rental.

The adventure of driving on Mauritius in a rental car

What does it take to drive by Mauritius?

Apart from a lot of patience and encouragement, you need to have international driving license. Although urban legend says that this card is useless, it was the first thing we asked the company hire Pingouin Car Rental when performing the contract. You can read our article here how international driving license is requested in Spain .

Paco behind the wheel and right in Mauritius

Rent a car in Mauritius with Pingouin Car Rental

In preparing the trip to mauritius luxury villas and given our previous experiences of absolute freedom renting cars on trips, we had also decided to live this experience in Mauritius to tour released. We contacted several companies and fastest answered us was Pingouin Car Rental . Finally we decided on it and realize a collaboration with that company. The car provided us was a Hyundai i10 Manual has a rental price of 30 euros a day and includes insurance with franchise, GPS and booster seat for Helia. The prices of this company range from 30 euros the smallest (and sufficient for the type of roads Mauritius) to the 80 car.

Our Hyundai i10 seen from our pool

As a recommendation, it is best to choose a small car to drive around Mauritius as it is more manageable by narrow roads and easier to park it anywhere.

Car collection and return with Pingouin Car Rental


Although our flight from Paris arrived with more than 2 hours late because a passenger was ill before takeoff, there had at the arrivals gate a representative of Pingouin Car Rental waiting with a sign. This company has no office at the airport since it has a very personal collection service to passengers. The representative escorted us to departures and right there we parked our small and cozy Hyundai I10. After thoroughly complete the contract with the data driving license international and review the status of the vehicle proceeded to pay the portable data – phone excess of 500 euros that was blocked on our credit card and we would be returned within 14 days after the . return the car our last conversation with the representative was to deliver a GPS brand TomTom (a little smaller than ours but with the same madcap) and agreed when returning the car: in the same terminal departures, gate number we expect 16 to 19 hours the day of our return. We also provided a telephone number to call in case of an incident, we do not need to use numbers during the trip because although punctured a wheel during our stay at Orchid Villas, with the help staff easily changed.

Sugar cane fields along the road


After the experience of driving through the crazy roads of Mauritius, we decided the day back, go well before arriving at night to avoid the airport. Because of this, we were in the departure terminal two hours before we had established. Thinking we would have to wait for parking, which was our surprise to find another representative of Pingouin Car Rental at the door. After reviewing the car and tell our incident with the wheel we said goodbye warmly of him.

Experience with Pingouin Car Rental

Given that this company is a local company that does not belong to a franchise of other internationally known, experience with them has been fantastic and from our point of view, is not only recommended but impossible to get any hits. What more we have liked (apart from its speed answering emails and seriousness) has been the delivery and return of the car in the same terminal outputs an exclusive representative for us avoiding the tremendous expect to have lived in the past to collect the car and warm – ups head when returning. also, check the car personally both the collection and the return was a point in his favor. Do not you ever happened when you will send you a car and no one checks that if you report that had a bun or any damage have no way to prove that there was (or not)? Thus jointly reviewing the car there is no room for doubt being all pretty clear contract rent.

GPS in Mauritius

With a Tom Tom cousin of ours (and just as madcap) we ventured around the island for days.True to its name, we lost almost he went crazy and invited us to throw it out the window on several occasions. The last few days we had on the mobile travels downloaded last night after learning after “incident” of Ile des Deux Cocos .

The incident Ile des Deux Cocos

The issue was that although google maps told us that the path X along the coast was faster, Tom Tom said that the interior of the island we saved us half an hour. On the way we decided to ignore it and continue along the coast enjoying amazing views.

The beautiful coast of Belle Mare

Upon returning we gave a vote of confidence to the path that marked us inside the island.During the first hour spent driving highways to local roads and finally to a dirt road where there is not a soul passed. The night was upon us as we crossed a cane sugar and we fell a tremendous rain. At that time when we were still relying on their indications and less than 15 km from our destination and 30 minutes of travel we are perplexed: the road looked interrupted by a fence where “Private Property” was read, no other possible alternative to cross that fence we decided to go for insurance coastal road having to undo our way and returning to the starting point. After more than 3½ hours of travel we arrived at our villa in Belle Mare with the solemn promise not to get back to heed never to TomTom.

Tips and advice for driving on Mauritius

It lead in Mauritius reminded us that adventure in Malta where distances were short but time long distance due to road conditions. Based on that drive on the left, the first contact with the car is always stressful because of the custom of driving on the right and find yourselfsuddenly in the jungle of Mauritian asphalt with all the controls backwards where the same you gave the wipers to turn left or you put the 5th gear instead of third. Starting with road infrastructure and streets; Mauricio just have dual carriageways, the only thing we saw was the one that connects the International Airport with the capital Port Louis, even in parts of the route then turns the motorway in a simple village street with what this entails. The distances are not so seem … see the GPS missing 15km to reach the destination and 2 hours and make fun of the prankster who is then two hours later want to mourn because it was true … as we said earlier, the roads become many points in streets people having to slow down to 10 kilometers per hour maximum.

The wonderful views from the road in Mauritius

Learn to dodge is essential because the traffic is absolutely chaotic in Mauritius . The trinomial PPM (pedestrian-dog-moto) makes you think you’re in a game with thousands of obstacles where you have to sharpen your senses to the maximum to avoid hitting anyone subiéndote stress level while driving to the limit. During the first days we took several scares that brushed against mortality, including a lady motorcycle was about to crash into the back of our car. On another occasion in a curve of reduced visibility flanked on both sides by sugar cane, a local bus was about to “devour”. The signaling is absent, you do not expect to find youindicative and informative posters on several occasions we find poorly marked changes direction was that we had to make a detour to go the way

Hindu temple in Mauritius

Most of the island is limited speed to 60 mph and surprisingly (for the chaos we hit not understand how there can be), fines for speeding have also reached Mauritius . It is very common to find cameras that immortalize those moments. The price of a ticket for speeding is there 50 euros. When night falls all cats are gray and can not see anything! Before the trip we were recommended to avoid driving at night in Mauritius and once there we understood why: there is no lighting and it is joined by the lack of signage and trinomial PPM. Clarify that there sunset begins over 16 hours and 18 is already dark. We tried every day get back before that time because otherwise the consequence was having to make the final kilometers of the route so even slower. In short the streets are very narrow, to advance the visibility is poor, gazebos for all sides, speed bumps, speed control bands, lights, cameras, trinomials PPM and even giant snails that cross … definitely a fun experience that leaves on the retina unforgettable images of a very special island.

¿We recommend renting a car in Mauritius and driving it?

Although it may seem like a stressful experience can and avoid, consider a fantastic option torent a car to explore Mauritius on your own can enjoy its nature and the huge life with their people. With the rental car we could visit places away from the tourist circuits and are forgotten by the guidebooks as the Tamil temple Shri Saint Croix and the Sunday market in Flacq.

The beauty of Mauritius

Thanks to Pingouin Car Rental for collaborating with our experience driving around Mauritius .

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