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Six restaurants for curious adventures

If you like extreme experiences, these restaurants are for you.
There are some restaurants that go far beyond just serve a good meal, offering diners totally unique experiences with Restaurant ordering systems.
And it is because they are located under the sea, on cliffs or under a waterfall, these places are not suitable for people who do not like the new and vertiginous experiences.
Dinner in the sky (Mexico)
Diners ask your menu to 45 meters high, mounted on a crane to which are attached by seat belts.

From June 4 to July 1, Brussels is offering a sky high culinary experience with Dinner in the Sky, a unique opportunity to discover Belgian gastronomy in an unusual way.

Skywalk Chamonix (France)
At 4,000 meters high in the heart of the French Alps, this restaurant glazed veranda, offering diners the chance to feel a real chasm is located.
Ithaa Undersea (Maldives)
For diving enthusiasts, an essential event is the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant of the Hilton chain, located in the Maldives,
and built five meters under the sea.


ofty Pod (Thailand)
Each of the tables is like a giant wicker nest where diners blends with nature while sipping Thai specialties as varied.
Waiters, how could it be otherwise, slip into tirolinas with trays with a balance of accuracy.

Labassin waterfall (Philippines)
At the foot of a waterfall is this amazing restaurant where diners are exposed to sample their dishes.
The tables are located on the water, and right in the place where breaks a waterfall.


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