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10 masterpieces of cinema adventure

‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’

One of the most beautiful films of recent years, exactly. I talked about it another time, but I get tired of saying that is one of the most poignant and beautiful adventures that anyone has seen in a movie screen. The saga of the boy wizard would never be so impressive. You can see full 7 chapters on Movie4k

‘The two Towers’

We recently did a special on Blogdecine this saga, in which I explained my reasons why I consider the masterful second part, the best of the three, with a lot ofdifference.

Indiana Jones series

If we talk about adventures, it is inevitable to talk about Indy, but I do not think his saga is the best of all, far from it, but his charisma and scope are incontestable. Inspecial about Spielberg already said a lot about Indy, but certainly the best third, and fourth nowhere near as insufferable as many fans say. See full series on Movie25

‘Terminator’ / ‘Terminator 2’

James Cameron produced a myth movie with these two films, which is not always remembered when staff are dying to suit you to the jugular by envy of your checking account. The sinister and terrible adventure of the first film is amplified by a second very demanding and as moving as the first. Unmatched.


‘Alien’ / ‘Aliens’

Impossible not to mention the adventures das excellence within the framework of space horror. Too bad that his successors were not up to par and devalue a saga that promised to be the best of the best. Personally, I prefer even the second to the first, although many do not say the same. It does not matter. You can see five hundred times and never get tired.


Probably the greatest film adventures in history, or one of the grandest, getting the miracle of mixing melodrama and social drama with the most rapt adventure, without ever losing the north. Undoubtedly, many staff prejudices prevent them from making the most of this masterpiece. Their loss.


Twelve years after the previous one, Cameron film unattainable for 99% of the directors of the genre adventure is marked. As you see, you think everything is possible, and when it ends (is passed in a sigh) you wonder how he did the filmmaker to catch you by the throat and not let you look away from the screen.Essential.

‘Kill Bill’

The diptych Tarantino actually two movies. Although it can also be seen as a great adventure film in one unit. Those who want to stay with endless references style or features, they do. I stay with the emotional pull of an extraordinary adventure.

‘The House of Flying Daggers’

The teacher Yimou, after that unforgettable ‘Hero’, which was almost an abstraction between dance and fencing, he launches into a much more open and generous, much more poignant and captivating adventure than that. To highlight the sequence in the bamboo forest. Superlative adventures.


‘Crystal jungle’

The mother of all modern action cinema is this masterpiece adventure of John McTiernan , who deserves perhaps more titles in this selection of delicatessen. The odyssey of a lone police confronted a group of thieves in a steel and glass tower is already one of the undisputed classics of the genre.

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