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Windsong Adventures is a four season company specializing in all-inclusive* exciting canoeing and backpacking trips. We offer wilderness experiences with seasoned guides and gourmet campfire meals.



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Six restaurants for curious adventures

If you like extreme experiences, these restaurants are for you.
There are some restaurants that go far beyond just serve a good meal, offering diners totally unique experiences with Restaurant ordering systems.
And it is because they are located under the sea, on cliffs or under a waterfall, these places are not suitable for people who do not like the new and vertiginous experiences.
Dinner in the sky (Mexico)
Diners ask your menu to 45 meters high, mounted on a crane to which are attached by seat belts.

From June 4 to July 1, Brussels is offering a sky high culinary experience with Dinner in the Sky, a unique opportunity to discover Belgian gastronomy in an unusual way.

Skywalk Chamonix (France)
At 4,000 meters high in the heart of the French Alps, this restaurant glazed veranda, offering diners the chance to feel a real chasm is located.
Ithaa Undersea (Maldives)
For diving enthusiasts, an essential event is the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant of the Hilton chain, located in the Maldives,
and built five meters under the sea.


ofty Pod (Thailand)
Each of the tables is like a giant wicker nest where diners blends with nature while sipping Thai specialties as varied.
Waiters, how could it be otherwise, slip into tirolinas with trays with a balance of accuracy.

Labassin waterfall (Philippines)
At the foot of a waterfall is this amazing restaurant where diners are exposed to sample their dishes.
The tables are located on the water, and right in the place where breaks a waterfall.


10 masterpieces of cinema adventure

‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’

One of the most beautiful films of recent years, exactly. I talked about it another time, but I get tired of saying that is one of the most poignant and beautiful adventures that anyone has seen in a movie screen. The saga of the boy wizard would never be so impressive. You can see full 7 chapters on Movie4k

‘The two Towers’

We recently did a special on Blogdecine this saga, in which I explained my reasons why I consider the masterful second part, the best of the three, with a lot ofdifference.

Indiana Jones series

If we talk about adventures, it is inevitable to talk about Indy, but I do not think his saga is the best of all, far from it, but his charisma and scope are incontestable. Inspecial about Spielberg already said a lot about Indy, but certainly the best third, and fourth nowhere near as insufferable as many fans say. See full series on Movie25

‘Terminator’ / ‘Terminator 2’

James Cameron produced a myth movie with these two films, which is not always remembered when staff are dying to suit you to the jugular by envy of your checking account. The sinister and terrible adventure of the first film is amplified by a second very demanding and as moving as the first. Unmatched.


‘Alien’ / ‘Aliens’

Impossible not to mention the adventures das excellence within the framework of space horror. Too bad that his successors were not up to par and devalue a saga that promised to be the best of the best. Personally, I prefer even the second to the first, although many do not say the same. It does not matter. You can see five hundred times and never get tired.


Probably the greatest film adventures in history, or one of the grandest, getting the miracle of mixing melodrama and social drama with the most rapt adventure, without ever losing the north. Undoubtedly, many staff prejudices prevent them from making the most of this masterpiece. Their loss.


Twelve years after the previous one, Cameron film unattainable for 99% of the directors of the genre adventure is marked. As you see, you think everything is possible, and when it ends (is passed in a sigh) you wonder how he did the filmmaker to catch you by the throat and not let you look away from the screen.Essential.

‘Kill Bill’

The diptych Tarantino actually two movies. Although it can also be seen as a great adventure film in one unit. Those who want to stay with endless references style or features, they do. I stay with the emotional pull of an extraordinary adventure.

‘The House of Flying Daggers’

The teacher Yimou, after that unforgettable ‘Hero’, which was almost an abstraction between dance and fencing, he launches into a much more open and generous, much more poignant and captivating adventure than that. To highlight the sequence in the bamboo forest. Superlative adventures.


‘Crystal jungle’

The mother of all modern action cinema is this masterpiece adventure of John McTiernan , who deserves perhaps more titles in this selection of delicatessen. The odyssey of a lone police confronted a group of thieves in a steel and glass tower is already one of the undisputed classics of the genre.

Photography Adventure And Extreme Sports: Material And Accessories

The word always has an exciting adventure component that transports us to generally open, very cold, very hot, very humid, very steep, and sometimes risky places at high speed. If adventure sports or ends are not easy to practice or suitable for anyone, as a photographer, are not easy to photograph because they require not only highly technical knowledge but also quite knowledge of the sport or extreme activity we want to photograph.

Surely both ends photographers like activity as photography, but surely began by activity and hence the desire to portray emerged. Anyway, the first ingredient of extreme sports photography is to know that we want to photograph to do it as safe as possible. For example, I would not recommend anyone to photograph an expedition to K2 without much prior training😉

Prior knowledge of the sport, not only be safer for your physical integrity but will help you find the best angles to photograph, the safest places, the best frames and even the best material to do so. Not the same photograph a jumping freestyle in the snow session limestone climbing or diving session.


Necessary material

No one better than you, if you are fond of extreme sports, knows what context’ll have to face when choosing the necessary for your photo shoot material. However, let’s see generally, what basic material is advisable to start in extreme sports photography.

Instaprinter Photo Booth


The DSLR or SLR are recommended classic thanks to the possibility to control them manually exchanging goals, you adaptarles an external flash and usually have more accessories.

However, they are not the only option to contemplate, some EVIL and even some very advanced compact have nothing to envy the reflex of a lifetime.

But let’s see what to consider when choosing a camera to photograph extreme sports:

  • Body sealed against dust, splashes and so on .
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures : You must take this into account if you are passionate about sports in the snow or in the desert since the cameras usually fail in extreme temperatures.The more support your camera, the better.
  • Number of frames per second : On the basis of many extreme sports happen quickly, have a good number of frames per second, you can make the difference between getting the image and not do it.
  • Weight : Not the same can install your “behemoth” on a tripod and wait, you have to carry it while practicing climbing, right?😉
  • Analog : Yes, do not be scared 😉In some cases like very extreme temperatures below freezing, the batteries are discharged very fast and screens are frozen, so some photographers choose analog photography to solve this problem. So if you find yourself at -20 degrees and your digital fails, you can try😉



Unlike other sports, extreme sports usually practiced almost always outdoors and often have difficult access for anyone who wants to photograph, so unless we attend to some competition in an enclosed space, let’s assume that we “face “to those images in the open.

¿Optical Zoom or fixed?

Unfortunately not everything is black or black with respect to the decision to choose between a fixed focal or zoom. Broadly speaking, the advantages of fixed optics are its higher image quality andhigher brightness at much lower price than the optical zoom of equal brightness. By contrast, an optical fixed limits when approaching or away from the scene agile and implies that this movement we do it ourselves, which is not always possible or easy.

The optical zoom allow us to approach or move away from the scene instantly, but are generally less bright optical and less sharp.

What focal length choose?

The choice between an optical lens with a focal distance or other lies basically in the distance expected that can be positioned to photograph the scene.

  • Wide Angle: If you can get close enough to the main scene, this goal will allow you to accompany the focus of your image including the context in the frame. And thanks to its angle and distortion will allow you to have very interesting perspectives.
  • 50mm: If you can freely move around the scene and control the distance, this is a great target for its sharpness, its high brightness and low weight.
  • TELE: If you plan to photograph the scene from a distance, get one of these is almost obligatory.Consider a focal from 200mm, as bright as possible, or at least the brighter you can afford and if possible with stabilizer if the body of your camera does not have one.



Surely you’ve seen in many sporting events photographers saddled with huge tripods to support their huge cameras and even more huge goals, right? Well, it’s normal, often use such long focal to approach the scene, (football, athletics, Formula 1, etc.) that often need a lot of stability on their computers.

However, extreme sports are usually carried out in stages rather less ideal to carry a tripod and, as mentioned, usually involve some kind of physical effort on our part. If this is your case, it is best to leave the tripod at home and trust that there is enough light, your goal is sufficiently bright or your good pulse😉

If you do not need to move too much to photograph the scenes and weight is not a big inconvenience, please accompany you a good tripod , you better about not missing, especially if you’re not having to load it .

An intermediate alternative weight and performance could be a monopod , which will provide more freedom of movement than a tripod, and more stability than shooting handheld.

external Flash

In adventure sports, you’ll find virtually every possible lighting situations: backlights , low light , high contrast between the light areas and shadow, and so on .

A good external flash that allows sync at high speeds when needed, freeze the motion, act as fill flash or illuminate dark areas will become your great ally if you know take advantage. So you can keep the ISO at bay (more ISO more image noise) and get crisp, perfectly exposed images.


A good backpack  that protects well your team and your back is essential if you want to go out to photograph adventure sports. Try it waterproof, lightweight, with a compartment for everything, and practical when accessing their compartments.


Correa and / or harnesses

If you’re going to spend the day photographing, ideally you do as comfortably and safely as possible.It is therefore important to take care all the details of your computer, including which strap is more comfortable and better suited to your photographic style.

If what you need is arms as possible unemployed, there are harnesses for SLR cameras that you may find useful in certain situations.

Batteries and extra memory cards

If you shoot in burst to try to capture that decisive moment, before long you can stay without battery and / or out of space on the memory card , so under no circumstances forget to add batteries and extra memory cards that preveas you’ll need.


Each sport has its own characteristics, so we can never generalize when choosing the materials necessary to perform it. Many times you will have from a base and adding or removing according to your style of photography, and based on trial and error. However, there are many specialized accessories from cofferdams and specialized for underwater photography flashes, waterproof covers for water sports or rainy days, and so on.

There are also other cameras designed for sports photography extreme as GoPro , with a wide angle lens, its small size, waterproof case and many accessories (adaptable to town, harnesses, tripods, etc.) becomes the classical for action photographers.

And although GoPro is best known for the moment, there are other alternatives of different qualities and prices: Polaroid Cube , Kodak PixPro SP 360 , Sj4000 , or Rollei actioncam , et cetera. We do not have the quality of an SLR, but are practical, weigh nothing, and can give you very interesting images thanks to its angular optics and views that you can get with them. Just you do not can control practically nothing in what refers to adjustments.

If you are someone who enjoy the outdoors practicing or watching some kind of sport mountain or sea, you have a camera, and never the you had brought with you, maybe it’s time that you will be encouraged to, do not you think? What could be better than combining two passions at the same moment?😉

Do you need a sleeping bag for your next outdoor adventure? How to choose the sleeping bag perfect for you

 You ever been on a night camping or backpacking trip, but did not have a sleeping bag so he borrowed one from a friend or someone you know? Then, after a long day of playing and hiking it was time to sleep and waiting for some sleep because I was so tired? So he got into the bag only to find during the night froze to death either because it was not hot enough or hanging around the discomfort or even both. Ultimately, what it was supposed to be a good time stopped cranky and exhausted due to lack of sleep?

I can admit that I have had too many experiences one with that child, and that was enough to let me know that if I want to really want to enjoy my travels, find the perfect sleeping bag for me is a priority. The problem is that when I went to get my “perfect bag” there were so many options that I did not know that the bag works best for me.That’s when I did some research found out what he needed to know to make my decision. This is what I learned.

 There are basically two types of sleeping bags. One is the ซิปล็อค and the other is the “old school” rectangular sleeping bag. Now mind you, is not nothing wrong with old school at all. In fact, it may be your preference once you discover what the verses of the bag mummy.

The main difference between the two styles is cut and shape the bags. The mummy bag is more restrictive. You can think of it as your own personal cocoon where you can go to bed at night as a caterpillar and wakes up the next morning like a butterfly. You are wrapped tight with not much room to move. The rectangular bed, on the other hand gets its name from its rectangular shape and allows you to move your legs.

Because the cuts of the two bags and the room they offer is possible that you are in your bedroom in the mummy bag, while the rectangular bag lets you sleep on your side, stomach or back. And depending on the size of the rectangular bag it is that you can change your body in even the most unique, but standard for sleeping positions in order to rest a comfortable night.

There are some sacrifices, but to go with a bag that offers everything you room to move.The largest, possibly, is its capacity heating and heat ratings. See, while all that the room is nice, like a big house with high ceilings that much more is needed to heat the interior. The extra space requires more effort to keep warm and therefore is not as effective to keep the cold as a mummy bag is. Of course, having said this, you decide to sleep in pajamas can help compensate for differences between heat bags and … to certain temperatures. Suffice to say that Arctic temperatures may require more than a teddy bear or a pair of boxers.

The other is the sacrifice size or volume of the bag. A sleeping bag mummy mostly going to be much lower for the realization of around which is why it is a preference for many backpackers or hikers. The sleeping bag rectangular, is not so small, but since it is not normal that it takes, that is not somewhere in a vehicle to reach its intended destination, the volume of the bag is not such a big problem .

Temperature values are very important pieces of information to consider when choosing a bag as well. And while mummy and rectangular bags sleeping can cover a wide range of temperatures, mummy bags are the typical polar designs, such as those that can be found in the Andes extreme temperatures.

If you see a 20 grade rating means that the bag should be warm enough for temperatures that are 20 degrees or more. And if you see 1 to 20 degree rating then it has been determined that the bag should be warm enough for the weather under 20 degrees.

It is important to remember that the temperature values are guides for reference only.Because, like spicy food, eat a jalapeno pepper for some is not a big deal … but for others eat one feels as if the right skin burns your tongue. The same goes for a sleeping bag. A 20 grade rating means that most of the bag would be hot enough. The best way to lift a bag is warm enough to go with one that is responsible for a climate of 10 degrees colder than what we’re anticipating sleep in choosing that way if you have … covered. (No pun intended). And again, of course, adequate sleep clothes should fit the more hotter than you may have cold or needs.

The most important in the final choice of a bag consideration is the insulation used in the bag. There are basically two types of insulation available. One is the goose and the other is a synthetic blend. Meanwhile it will work to keep warm, they both have their pros and cons. For example, the goose is soft and very light that contributes to the ease of travel when hiking. However, it is much more expensive and if it gets wet, not dry easily. synthetic insulation on the other hand is heavier, bulky, and not soft like.However, cost is not as hard on your pocketbook and rain is not such a big problem because the synthetic mixture faster than its counterpart below so dry. In any case, some kind of padding underneath the bag is highly recommended.

Now, although there are other things to consider when buying a sleeping bag, these are the most important. Having this information alone will help you choose the sleeping bag ideal for a comfortable night rest during your next outdoor adventure overnight.

The adventure of diets

NEW YORK Last night I went to dinner with three American friends. One asked fried eggs with bacon eggs; another, a steak for two with creamed spinach, and the third input pate and cheese followed by rack of lamb with sauce. We toasted with vodka in the (very abundant, naturally) bar. Ah !, and all three are dieting.

What is happening in New York, and what to speak in London and hundreds of cities in continental Europe? The enemy is no longer the traditional bright pancetta oil; on the contrary, for many, is welcome. Now, it seems that the real villain is the breadbasket.

Recently, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States changed its recommendations: now more fat allows (up to 35% of total daily calories, when it was previously forbidden overcome the barrier of 30% for a body healthy) while the minimum percentage of carbohydrates to be ingested dropped from 55 to 45 percent.

Habitués diets often say that healthy food has no taste. However, according to doctors, you can eat well ... and rich
Habitués diets often say that healthy food has no taste. However, doctors say, you can eat well … and rich. Photo: Focus

This is because a series of investigations brought to light that people with certain metabolic profile may benefit from fewer carbohydrates (bread, cereals, vegetables, flour, beans, rice, pasta) and monounsaturated fats (found in olive oil, almonds, avocado). However, it was considered a major victory for the millions of fans of diets such as Dr. Atkins and his successors, such as the South Beach Diet, cardiologist Arthur Agatston, the fury of the moment for weeks is firmly anchored in the bestseller list across the country.

The fervor for these diets that allow almost unlimited protein consumption, but eliminate restrict carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables, he came to the point that in New York even the most sophisticated restaurants changed their menus.

In Britain, this summer the last reprint of the Atkins diet has published more than thirty years ago outsold Harry Potter. Not that these diets use them only local celebrities as Catherine Zeta Jones and the Spice Girls. Such is its influence on the population in recent years altered the national consumption: the sale of eggs and meat (these diets favor) increased by 10%, while breads, potatoes and pasta which prohíben- fell.

However, among his bitterest enemies it is nothing less than the American Heart Association (AHA). “The only thing they are good these diets is that they eliminate processed sugars that have calories but not nutrients declared to the magazine Lisa Cohn nutritionist, spokesperson of the institution. But nothing more. The theory that one can eat everything you want from a group of foods such as fatty meats, is sabotage against oneself. ”

In Britain, the Medical Research Council Human Nutrition Research Centre, Cambridge, in research funded by public funds was a step further. Susan Jebb, head of the Nutrition Department of the institution, not twirled about the Atkins diet, mother of all that are fashionable.

“The evidence of potential risks is incomplete, but stronger than the evidence for his safety said. We have no results on what happens long term regarding osteoporosis and cancer. But we can ensure that if one removes all a food group like carbohydrates, one removes dietary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. the results of epidemiological studies on hundreds of thousands of people who eat a high proportion of carbohydrates show that they are less prone to heart problems. and high fiber diets also reduce the risks of cancer and cholesterol level. Thus, these advantages are lost, “he said in a massive press conference.

However, the debate continues. Lisa Melton, a researcher at the Wellcome Institute in London, for example, recalls that while always alarms sounded about Atkins and his followers, the studies do not suggest that there is a real problem: “The wicked lipids do not increase, so do not would he assures objections. Furthermore, from the evolutionary point of view, for our ancestors, fats and proteins would be the dish of the day “.

But beyond the spin, or non-fats, other official changes comes from the hand of the famous food pyramid prepared by the United States Department of Agriculture.Acknowledging for the first time that 64% of Americans are overweight and a sedentary lifestyle (something that repeats itself increasingly in the rest of the world), it went on to recommend a daily intake of 1600 to 1800 calories for adult women, and 2000 2200 for men. So far, the recommendation was about 600 calories in each case.

In the old pyramid, which shows the food groups and servings per ingest them daily, it is placed on the base grains, and oils, sugars and fats at the tip to be eaten with discretion.This will not change, but the recommendation that fiber and vitamin E is ingested be included, and that half of the grains are unrefined, which before was not specified.

“The basic message is that men and women have to eat much less,” said Marion Nestle, chair of the Department of Nutrition at the University of New York.

Meanwhile, an alternative that is advertised as the new revolution in diet is a spray that helps control oral anxiety. Offered with several names, although Slender Mist is the most common, provides essential nutrients that help ward off the desire to eat something at that moment. Users explain it is like a cigarette when you’re hungry, just not doing wrong. Costs about $ 30 and once in the mouth (comes in chocolate flavor, mint, cherry or tropical fruits), 90 percent of nutrients in the aerosol passed directly to the capillaries, so the relief is immediate.

Good for something? According to Clive Spratt, nutrition researcher at the University of Bath, “the desire to put food in your mouth is the result of a mixture of biological needs and psychological associations. If you can take something that is a distraction from the emotional trigger that leads eating at the same time is an injection of nutrients, it should help. the only way to lose weight is to eat less and choose more healthy food. anything that helps probably a good thing. ”

However, Toni Steer, the Medical Research Council in Cambridge, was not so sure. “I am skeptical that an aerosol can alleviate the psychological reasons for the desire to eat. Anyone who wants to lose weight should rethink your diet. Only permanent changes ensure permanent results.”

But not all dieters to lose weight: cholesterol care today is as common as control kilos.The good news is that the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that there is finally a phen375 diet that lowers cholesterol in a similar way of pills.

Call the Diet Portfolio and based on soy protein, fiber, rye and almonds (foods that have known properties that lower cholesterol) presents for lunch, for example, tofu with eggplant and onions, and for dessert a fruit with glass of soymilk.

According to the American Heart Association, the Portfolio diet is consistent with its basic recommendations except for one thing: they insist on eating fish twice a week because it is good for the heart and this diet is a vegetarian.

But the real problem is that very few people could endure such a strict regime. In fact, the study found only 40% of the food offered acceptable.

So the big question is whether there will be people who are willing to do it for a long time. However, the results are encouraging not only for those who do not want to take the remedies for cholesterol, but for those who can not because they bring side effects and for those who are too expensive. Obviously, for now the diet is too extreme and few could adhere to it, but it is a field of research that could soon bring a little more palatable surprises.

For that, however, they would only accept a diet that involves eating like a gourmet, you have to look across the Atlantic. Precisely to Paris, where the comment is forced Karl Lagerfeld, who has seen and who sees you. After years of being a recognizable estampita in all fashion weeks for traditional Japanese fan and wide and dress, Chanel designer is so thin that says it needs more fan herself. After losing 42 kilos, he wrote with Jean Claude homeopath Houdet a book is best seller in France, the best regime. It is based on a strange combination: highly sophisticated recipes and low fat alternating with traditional shakes that give the feeling of satiety and became a must in the world of palates.

Lisa Cohn says that to the AHA, traditional diets that you buy in a book and follow to the letter are “out, dead, are negative”.

Indeed, one of the most famous worldwide, the Mayo Clinic, “does not exist or never existed; it is purely an urban myth,” he told the magazine Carol Chaffin, a spokeswoman for the institution. The latest of the latter is, however, called Wellness Centres or Wellness Centers, in which the consulting nutritionist mixed with the benefits of a spa and psicológica.Una care visit Cohn, former director of the Department of Nutrition Children’s Hospital of Columbia-Presbeteryan New York, presides over the elegant Park Avenue in Manhattan often involves massage, acupuncture and reflexology along with a detailed analysis of customer eating patterns. Cohn, according to the parameters of the AHA and the Mayo Clinic, touts a series of simple tips when eating to lose weight and keep it off.

“You have to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables five half-cup servings a day, and not to forget the good oils found in fish, avocado or olive Replace refined flour for whole grain;. Eliminate processed fats and sugar like cakes, “sums. The key, he says, is to go to the market and choose very fresh. Learn to cook and enjoy food. Put various types of food on the plate, different colors, even in small quantities. Taking a glass of wine with a morsel of chocolate every now and then. And above all, keep the humor.

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Holiday without pain: check your teeth before traveling

Any person who will be traveling and being put under pressure changes to your body, youshould visit a professional dentist such as Madison Dental Designs New Jersey who knows the consequences of such changes, it is the right person to dictate what can run the risk concerned.

During the flight by the pressure difference which passengers in airplanes are exposed, there may be a sharp pain, called pulp pain. This occurs when the teeth are in poor condition or have trapped air, either by a root canal done poorly or gas produced by the putrefaction of teeth and cavities. This air expands during the flight due to pressure and finding no exit press dentine or nerve causing deep pain that sometimes radiates to the whole side of the face.

Only the dental professional can determine the good or bad state of our parts, preventing a suffocating pain that can even end up in an emergency landing.

Hence the importance of dental check-ups, not only airman who are constantly subjected to pressure changes, but also passengers.

Backpacking, the best kept secret weight loss – Outdoors Health and fitness in 5 easy steps

With so many people focused on health and fitness at DC personal trainer and lose weight these days, it is no mystery why so many people are falling in love with the backpack. And there are few better ways to exercise and lose a few kilos while enjoying a nice new adventure.

You may not see as an outdoor type, but only one output could expand their vision of this very addictive activity. Not only will you be closer to nature and plenty of fresh air and sunshine, but you’ll be totally disconnected from their environment workday stress and tension. Definitely is time to learn a sport that is quietly taking over new entrants almost every month of the year in one or another part of the country.

Starting as a backpacker is simple, as long as you know a few things to do to prepare.

1. Backpacking can be more physically demanding than your current routine. You’ll want to start stretching yourself gradually in a few easy exercises. Most backpackers suggest you take at least two weeks of Head Start in the gym for jogging or walking or cycling. Walking is always a good way to get lose weight and get in shape without stressing the joints, and exercise is a kind heart, too.

2. You want to be sure that drinking the equivalent of eight glasses of water a day. Keeping hydrated is a healthy, regardless of their level of fitness habit. Regular hydration is key for washing away extra kilos and is a proven way to support your weight loss goals so.

3. Learn the tricks of the trade, so to speak, when it comes to packing for your trip, it makes all the difference. Be sure to load the backpack so the Pastillas para bajar de Peso is distributed in a balanced manner. You do not want too much weight on one side and too little on the other.

4. “You get what you pay for” is a proven truth. Do not buy cheap supplies for backpackers or you may find yourself literally a creek without a paddle. Get the best equipment you can find in regard to shops and lanterns and cooking utensils.

5. When you’re on the road, it is important to practice patience and stay focused. Remember you are in the outdoors and things are unfamiliar to you at this point in time. And there is much to learn and observe.

As with a trip to any destination to travel for the first time, you’ll want to familiarize yourself before you start. Check your map thoroughly and have a buddy with camping experience will teach you how to use a compass.

Above all, more care is taken the more fun you’ll have, so life and the environment is complicated and enjoy the outdoors.And you could return from his adventure a few kilos lighter! There is nothing better than traveling health and fitness while enjoying the wilderness.

The adventure of driving on Mauritius in a rental car

Landscapes full of sugar canes, towns full of life and narrow roads is what lies lead by Mauritius in a rental car . Although bring the car to the left adds a point to stress the driver free to tour the island enjoying a beautiful natural environment is sufficient justification for venturing to take the car in the chaotic Mauritius . We leave our driving by Mauricio experience and review of the car rental company Pingouin Car Rental.

The adventure of driving on Mauritius in a rental car

What does it take to drive by Mauritius?

Apart from a lot of patience and encouragement, you need to have international driving license. Although urban legend says that this card is useless, it was the first thing we asked the company hire Pingouin Car Rental when performing the contract. You can read our article here how international driving license is requested in Spain .

Paco behind the wheel and right in Mauritius

Rent a car in Mauritius with Pingouin Car Rental

In preparing the trip to mauritius luxury villas and given our previous experiences of absolute freedom renting cars on trips, we had also decided to live this experience in Mauritius to tour released. We contacted several companies and fastest answered us was Pingouin Car Rental . Finally we decided on it and realize a collaboration with that company. The car provided us was a Hyundai i10 Manual has a rental price of 30 euros a day and includes insurance with franchise, GPS and booster seat for Helia. The prices of this company range from 30 euros the smallest (and sufficient for the type of roads Mauritius) to the 80 car.

Our Hyundai i10 seen from our pool

As a recommendation, it is best to choose a small car to drive around Mauritius as it is more manageable by narrow roads and easier to park it anywhere.

Car collection and return with Pingouin Car Rental


Although our flight from Paris arrived with more than 2 hours late because a passenger was ill before takeoff, there had at the arrivals gate a representative of Pingouin Car Rental waiting with a sign. This company has no office at the airport since it has a very personal collection service to passengers. The representative escorted us to departures and right there we parked our small and cozy Hyundai I10. After thoroughly complete the contract with the data driving license international and review the status of the vehicle proceeded to pay the portable data – phone excess of 500 euros that was blocked on our credit card and we would be returned within 14 days after the . return the car our last conversation with the representative was to deliver a GPS brand TomTom (a little smaller than ours but with the same madcap) and agreed when returning the car: in the same terminal departures, gate number we expect 16 to 19 hours the day of our return. We also provided a telephone number to call in case of an incident, we do not need to use numbers during the trip because although punctured a wheel during our stay at Orchid Villas, with the help staff easily changed.

Sugar cane fields along the road


After the experience of driving through the crazy roads of Mauritius, we decided the day back, go well before arriving at night to avoid the airport. Because of this, we were in the departure terminal two hours before we had established. Thinking we would have to wait for parking, which was our surprise to find another representative of Pingouin Car Rental at the door. After reviewing the car and tell our incident with the wheel we said goodbye warmly of him.

Experience with Pingouin Car Rental

Given that this company is a local company that does not belong to a franchise of other internationally known, experience with them has been fantastic and from our point of view, is not only recommended but impossible to get any hits. What more we have liked (apart from its speed answering emails and seriousness) has been the delivery and return of the car in the same terminal outputs an exclusive representative for us avoiding the tremendous expect to have lived in the past to collect the car and warm – ups head when returning. also, check the car personally both the collection and the return was a point in his favor. Do not you ever happened when you will send you a car and no one checks that if you report that had a bun or any damage have no way to prove that there was (or not)? Thus jointly reviewing the car there is no room for doubt being all pretty clear contract rent.

GPS in Mauritius

With a Tom Tom cousin of ours (and just as madcap) we ventured around the island for days.True to its name, we lost almost he went crazy and invited us to throw it out the window on several occasions. The last few days we had on the mobile travels downloaded last night after learning after “incident” of Ile des Deux Cocos .

The incident Ile des Deux Cocos

The issue was that although google maps told us that the path X along the coast was faster, Tom Tom said that the interior of the island we saved us half an hour. On the way we decided to ignore it and continue along the coast enjoying amazing views.

The beautiful coast of Belle Mare

Upon returning we gave a vote of confidence to the path that marked us inside the island.During the first hour spent driving highways to local roads and finally to a dirt road where there is not a soul passed. The night was upon us as we crossed a cane sugar and we fell a tremendous rain. At that time when we were still relying on their indications and less than 15 km from our destination and 30 minutes of travel we are perplexed: the road looked interrupted by a fence where “Private Property” was read, no other possible alternative to cross that fence we decided to go for insurance coastal road having to undo our way and returning to the starting point. After more than 3½ hours of travel we arrived at our villa in Belle Mare with the solemn promise not to get back to heed never to TomTom.

Tips and advice for driving on Mauritius

It lead in Mauritius reminded us that adventure in Malta where distances were short but time long distance due to road conditions. Based on that drive on the left, the first contact with the car is always stressful because of the custom of driving on the right and find yourselfsuddenly in the jungle of Mauritian asphalt with all the controls backwards where the same you gave the wipers to turn left or you put the 5th gear instead of third. Starting with road infrastructure and streets; Mauricio just have dual carriageways, the only thing we saw was the one that connects the International Airport with the capital Port Louis, even in parts of the route then turns the motorway in a simple village street with what this entails. The distances are not so seem … see the GPS missing 15km to reach the destination and 2 hours and make fun of the prankster who is then two hours later want to mourn because it was true … as we said earlier, the roads become many points in streets people having to slow down to 10 kilometers per hour maximum.

The wonderful views from the road in Mauritius

Learn to dodge is essential because the traffic is absolutely chaotic in Mauritius . The trinomial PPM (pedestrian-dog-moto) makes you think you’re in a game with thousands of obstacles where you have to sharpen your senses to the maximum to avoid hitting anyone subiéndote stress level while driving to the limit. During the first days we took several scares that brushed against mortality, including a lady motorcycle was about to crash into the back of our car. On another occasion in a curve of reduced visibility flanked on both sides by sugar cane, a local bus was about to “devour”. The signaling is absent, you do not expect to find youindicative and informative posters on several occasions we find poorly marked changes direction was that we had to make a detour to go the way

Hindu temple in Mauritius

Most of the island is limited speed to 60 mph and surprisingly (for the chaos we hit not understand how there can be), fines for speeding have also reached Mauritius . It is very common to find cameras that immortalize those moments. The price of a ticket for speeding is there 50 euros. When night falls all cats are gray and can not see anything! Before the trip we were recommended to avoid driving at night in Mauritius and once there we understood why: there is no lighting and it is joined by the lack of signage and trinomial PPM. Clarify that there sunset begins over 16 hours and 18 is already dark. We tried every day get back before that time because otherwise the consequence was having to make the final kilometers of the route so even slower. In short the streets are very narrow, to advance the visibility is poor, gazebos for all sides, speed bumps, speed control bands, lights, cameras, trinomials PPM and even giant snails that cross … definitely a fun experience that leaves on the retina unforgettable images of a very special island.

¿We recommend renting a car in Mauritius and driving it?

Although it may seem like a stressful experience can and avoid, consider a fantastic option torent a car to explore Mauritius on your own can enjoy its nature and the huge life with their people. With the rental car we could visit places away from the tourist circuits and are forgotten by the guidebooks as the Tamil temple Shri Saint Croix and the Sunday market in Flacq.

The beauty of Mauritius

Thanks to Pingouin Car Rental for collaborating with our experience driving around Mauritius .

Outdoor games and adventure

Participate in outdoor activities and games is a good way to break the monotony of life. Adventure games outdoor has this uncanny ability to be tiring, relaxing, increasing confidence and fun – all at the same time. If you are someone who is looking for some adventure games action packed, exciting and fun outdoor, which have landed on the right page! Below is a list of some of the most exciting and adrenaline pumping outdoor activities for adults and children. Scroll down and take a look at these incredible games outdoor …

Outdoor Fun Adventure Games

Beach and water activities

Now what on earth can be more adventurous involved in some activities on the beach fun? You have many options to choose from, including boating, fishing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, sunbathing, diving, horseback riding, sailing, etc., and the bonus is to enjoy the sun, sand, sea and landscape, for their participation in these adventure games!

Forest camping

If you are someone who enjoys the wilderness and isolation provided by forests, I suggest you go on a forest camp with a group of friends. There are plenty of outdoor activities for adults to enjoy in a forest, such as hunting camp (check if permitted), outdoor cooking, walking in the woods, hiking and above all, enjoy the beauty of the nature!

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* Backpacking

* Playground

* Camping Gear

* Trekking

Adventure sports

Any list of games fun adventures not be complete without mentioning the adventure sports like rock climbing and paragliding, as these are what motivate you out of your comfort zone! For information on adventure sports, go to:

* Paragliding

* Skateboarding

* Ice skating

* Extreme sports

* Rock climbing


Not only children, even adults immensely enjoy team games such as tug of war and football or maybe a sack race!Corporations often include some interesting outdoor games equipment for adults, when they bring their employees for picnics, to build trust and strengthen cooperation between them.

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* Outdoor games for young

Kids Games Outdoor Adventure

Nature Scavenger Hunt

One of the most interesting games outdoor adventure for children is to plan a treasure hunt nature for them. Preferably, this activity should be carried out in the woods, or in the field.Start with dividing children into groups of five each. Then he will give them a list of things that are easily available all over the place you’re visiting, for example, red flowers, leaves, a smooth stone, a pen, etc. Children have to look around for things the list and the team returning for the first time with all the bounties of nature, is declared the winner. You can read more about the ideas scavenger hunt for children.

Relay races

Children are always full of energy and therefore enjoy long careers, since they involve running and jogging. To make this fun outdoor activity, racing relief plan, where children run in continuity, one after another, and win or lose as a team!Some breeds are interesting – sack races, running with their hands tied behind their backs, three-legged races and races where they are carrying something in your head! More information about outdoor games for preschoolers.

Tug of war

Another game of outdoor fun for children to play is tug of war. In this game two teams are placed on either side of a line, with each child holding a common rope and then try to get the other team to their side of the line! In addition, you can read on the strip of the rules of war.


Well planned tours combine adventure, education and entertainment, which is ideal for a trip children. So, plan a trip to a river or a mountain, where children can participate in adventure activities like hiking and learning about nature. In addition, you can refer to picnic games.

The aforementioned games outdoor adventure that will make your experience of nature. Therefore, plan well, take all necessary equipment and most importantly, play it safe!

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*Your Adventure Package includes:

  • Canoes, Lifejackets, Paddles
  • Backpacks
  • Thermarests (tm)
  • Tents

  • Food
  • Accessories
  • Park Fees
  • Seasoned Guides

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